Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need permission from the Architectural Review Committee to Repair or Paint my house?
    Repairs that do not alter the exterior appearance of your property do not require ARC approval. These include like-for-like repairs and replacements that do not change the size, texture, type of materials, and/or color of the home.
    For changes that alter the appearance of your home, see Residents > Architectural Review for instructions and application forms.
  • Do I need approval before I remove Trees on my property?
    Trees that are either dead or dying do not need prior approval and should, of course, be removed as promptly as possible. If the tree is in the front or side yard, the stump must also be removed and ground. Sod or mulch must be replaced so that there is no evidence of the original tree.
    If the tree had been used to mask an area of the property such as pool equipment, then the tree must be replaced as soon as possible. All trees planted in the front or side yards of a property must be approved by the ARC before planting.
  • What are the Trash and Recycling Policies?
    Garbage and recycling collection is paid for by your homeowners’ association dues.
    Garbage Policies
    • Please have ALL garbage BAGGED AND TIED in your own plastic bags with any size can. This is for the cleanliness of your neighborhood and the safety of our workers.
    • Please put GARBAGE by your garage before 7:00 am for collection on Mondays & Thursdays.
    • We are NOT able to haul away the following items:
      • Glass, Styrofoam, Tires, Paint, Oils, Batteries, Medical Waste, Construction Materials
      Additional Services available for an additional fee to the individual customer:
    • Yard Waste Collection. See Yard Waste Policies below.
    • Large Item Removal
    • Christmas Tree Disposal. Call before January 1 to schedule and prepay.
    Recycling Policies
    • If you would like to participate in our RECYCLING Program, you must call Elite and ask them to put your address on the collection list. (615) 626-4146
    • All recycling must be BAGGED and TIED in a CLEAR or BLUE plastic bag.
    • Please put RECYCLING by your garage before 7:00 am on Wednesdays.
    • See the list of recyclable items and procedures, found at FAQ on this website.
    • Large cardboard must be flattened and placed under the plastic bag.
    • Recycling is taken to Westrock Recycling in Nashville for bundling, then to Westrock in Chattanooga for sorting, distributing and re-purposing.
    Yard Waste Policies
    We offer three options to help you dispose of your leaves, clippings, weeds, limbs, and branches.
    ** Do not mix garbage or food with yard waste, for it will contaminate the composting process.**
    1) For monthly collection, the City of Brentwood will collect your yard waste in paper landscape bags, as well as tree/brush limbs during the first week of each month. The limbs must be stacked in your yard near the curb with the cut ends toward the street. Tree branches must be lass that 6 inches in diameter so they will fit into the chipper. The paper bags of natural yard clippings should be folded closed and placed near the limbs. The homeowner must sweep the street after the yard waste is collected. The city composts yard waste to use in city parks and there is no fee for this government service.
    2) For on-demand collection of BAGGED yard waste, you may contact Elite Sanitation at (615) 626-4146  to request service on your next trash collection day. Call in advance and prepay for the number of bags that you will leave to be collected. Paper or plastic bags must not weigh more than 40 pounds each since the driver must lift them overhead to place in the truck.
    • up to 33 gallon bag, $5.00 per bag 
    • over 34 gallon bag, $10.00 per bag
    Call (615) 626-4146 to schedule and prepay for yard waste collection. If no answer, send a text and you will get a call back.
    3) For immediate yard waste disposal, county residents may take yard waste to the Williamson County Convenience Center at 1495 Sneed Road West (near Hillsboro Road) in Brentwood. If you use plastic bags, the yard waste must be emptied into the designated bin without the plastic. Or, if you use paper landscape bags, you can toss the whole bag into the bin. Limbs and branches can be tossed into the bin.
    Holiday Schedule – Office and operations closed
    If your collection day falls on one of the holidays, your pick up will be on the next scheduled day, or the following Saturday, whichever comes first.
    New Year’s Day    Memorial Day    Independence Day
    Labor Day    Thanksgiving Day    Christmas Day
    If you have any questions, concerns or a missed pick up, please contact us right away:
    ELITE Sanitation, Franklin, Tennessee
    Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
    (615) 626-4146
  • What items can be Recycled?
    ELITE Sanitation collects everything recyclable, except GLASS and STYROFOAM
    Recyclables must be CLEAN AND DRY.
    • Aluminum - cans, containers, clean disposable bakeware, and clean foil
    • Metal Cans - tin cans, steel cans, non-hazardous aerosol cans Please empty and rinse.
    • Cardboard - cereal, food, juice, milk cartons, shoe boxes, gift boxes. Remove packaging materials from boxes and FLATTEN.
    • Corrugated cardboard boxes (large cardboard may be placed under or beside the bag of recycling.)
    • Paper - all types, including:
      • Office papers, newspaper, magazines, phone books, junk mail, gift wrap
      • Brown paper bags
      • Paperback and hard cover books (remove hard cover)
    • Plastic – Please empty, rinse and flatten.
      • Plastic bags (stretchy types including bread, dry cleaner bags and shopping bags)
      • Plastic wrap
      • All plastic containers #1-5 & #7 with a recyclable symbol  EXCEPT STYROFOAM #6
      • Milk jugs, water, soft drink, dairy products, ice cream pails (remove metal handle)
      • Personal care products, shampoo, vitamin, prescription bottles
      • Household, cleaning products, food containers
      • Windshield washer containers, oil, fertilizer – must be clean and empty
    NO GLASS                          NO GLASS                           NO GLASS
    Sort glass by color and take it to: Brentwood Recycling Center, 1301 Wilson Pike, Brentwood
    NO STYROFOAM                      NO STYROFOAM                     NO STYROFOAM
    Styrofoam should be placed in the garbage
    If you have any questions, concerns or a missed pick up, please contact us right away:
    ELITE Sanitation, Franklin, Tennessee
    Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
    (615) 626-4146
  • How do I maintain or replace my Mailbox?
    Mailbox Maintenance
    Question: What do I do if my mailbox is damaged or needs painting?
    Answer: It is the responsibility of each homeowner to maintain his or her own mailbox. The mailbox must match all other mailboxes and shall be kept in good repair and painted glossy black. Periodically, the management company may send an email to all residents to announce the availability of a private company or painter for hire for such work.
    Question: How do I get my mailbox REPLACED?
    Answer: All mailboxes in Princeton Hills must match the black metal/iron standard as provided by Rodney Jarvis of Jarvis Signs, (615)865-6062 or Jarvis offers complete replacement and installation of the pole, box, number plate, flag and decorative filigree. 
    Question: What if I just need a new receptacle box or flag, not the pole or number plate?
    Answer: If you just need a new receptacle box, it can be purchased at Lowe's and installed yourself. Gibraltar Industries 11.7-in W x 15-in H x 24.8-in D Metal Black Post Mount Mailbox, Item # 217532 Model # ST200B00. The cost is about $37.00.
    Question: Can I paint my mailbox myself?
    Answer: Yes, it is advisable for residents to periodically maintain their mailboxes. Paulette Walsh keeps the extra paint that matches all the mailboxes. Contact her at 616-497-0049 to pick up a container of paint.
    Or, if you choose to purchase your own paint, buy a direct-to-metal glossy black paint like the one that was originally used: Sherwin Williams PRO Industrial Urethane Alkyd Enamel, Black. It’s an oil based paint that requires turpentine or paint thinner clean-up.
    Question: How do I prevent bird droppings from making my mailbox and post look messy?
    Answer: After cleaning the box and post, you can use a product called TangleFoot, which is a tube of a sticky substance that must be applied with a caulking gun. You apply the Tanglefoot in a straight line all along the top edge of your post and on the ball. This prevents the birds from landing on your mailbox post. Paulette Walsh keeps several tubes of Tanglefoot that belongs to the Association and can be borrowed. Contact Paulette at 616-497-0049 to borrow a tube of Tanglefoot with the caulking gun.
  • Does Princeton Hills have Video Cameras?
    Video Cameras
    Mindful of neighborhood car break-ins and burglaries in the greater Brentwood community, your Princeton Hills Board of Directors arranged for video surveillance cameras to be installed, along with signage alerting visitors to our neighborhood's 24-hour video surveillance. Since the installation of the surveillance cameras in 2013, the number of reported car and home incidents in our neighborhood has been dramatically reduced. It is our hope that, in conjunction with the Neighborhood Watch initiative, this addition will make our neighborhood safer and more secure for years to come.
    Residents with login credentials can learn more about the video cameras at Residents > Security.
  • What is the Neighborhood Watch Program?
    Neighborhood Watch
    What is the purpose of Neighborhood Watch?
    • The program is a partnership between the neighborhood and the police department for the purpose of increasing awareness and prevention of crime. Neighbors are extra eyes and ears for the police department.
    • Our Neighborhood Watch Captain will send periodic emails that offer security reminders, tips, alerts and crime reports.
    How can I foster awareness and action with the Neighborhood Watch program?
    • Wave your hand to greet everyone who drives into our neighborhood. That lets visitors know that you are aware and watching. It also fosters friendliness and cooperation among neighbors.
    What should I do if I seen something suspicious?
    • CALL the Brentwood Police immediately. The non-emergency number is 371-0160.
    What if I hear a car alarm or house alarm for more than 30 seconds?
    • Call the Brentwood Police immediately at 371-0160.
    How can I prevent theft from my vehicle parked overnight in my driveway?
    • Do not store any valuables in your car, ever.
    • Lock your car.
    • Leave your eave lights shining on the car during the night.
    • Use motion lights around the perimeter of your home.
    How can I prevent burglary of my home?
    • Lock your doors and windows.
    • Set your security alarm system, day and night.
    • Set timers to operate lights and sounds at irregular intervals.
    • Do not discuss travel plans with workers in your home.
    • Do not announce travel plans on social media.
    How can the police department help me to prevent crime at my home?
    • Ask the Brentwood Police to come to your home for their FREE Home Security Survey. They will offer personalized ideas to improve the security of your home.
    Who can I contact within my neighborhood with questions about Neighborhood Watch?
    • Our Neighborhood Watch Captain for Princeton Hills is John Lynch at (615) 406-5018 or
  • How should I handle Solicitors?
    Does the City of Brentwood have a law regarding solicitors?
    • For other than religious groups, a solicitor's permit is required for both profit and non-profit organizations to solicit door-to-door in the City of Brentwood.
    Why does the City of Brentwood have a law regarding soliciting?
    • The law is in place to keep residents safe by screening people who approach residents' homes on private property. 
    A solicitor from a religious organization told me that he does not need a permit. Is that true?
    • That is true. Religious organizations are exempt from our city requirement to have solicitor permits, as protected by federal law. You may choose whether or not to answer your door.
    How does a solicitor get a permit?
    • Permits must be obtained through an application process through the City of Brentwood Business Clerk.
    How are solicitors to know about the soliciting rules in Princeton Hills?
    • Princeton Hills has posted 'No Soliciting' signs at both entrances.
    What should I do if a solicitor comes to my home?
    • If a solicitor comes to your door, the Princeton Hills board members request that you do not answer your door. If you have a glass door and they can see you through the door, keep the door closed and ask to see their soliciting permit. They are required to show it to you if you ask. They are not required to continually display their permit or wear an ID badge on their lapel. If your curiosity gets the best of you, or if you meet a solicitor while you are outdoors, please ask immediately to see their permit for soliciting. If they do not have a permit, ask them to leave the neighborhood and call the police at 615-371-0160.
    How can my neighbors and I discourage solicitors?
    • Remember what your mother taught you: DO NOT OPEN YOUR DOOR TO STRANGERS. You really don't know if a person will barge in to harm you. The best way to discourage solicitors is not open your home to them. If a solicitor knocks on ten doors and ten people ask for their permit, do not open the door and send them away, then the solicitor will leave and try another area.
    What else can I do to discourage solicitors?
    • Post a small label or professionally lettered small sign on your door or near your door bell.” No Soliciting” or “This is a No Soliciting Neighborhood” would be appropriate.
  • What Yard Signs are permitted?
    The only yard signs permitted are House for Sale signs, political candidate signs, and small congratulatory signs, such as graduation. Permissible signs must be less that 6 square feet in size, and must be removed promptly after an event. Contractor signs or advertising signs are NOT permitted. 
  • May I hold a Garage Sale?
    You may occasionally advertise and host your own garage sale. Remember that the City of Brentwood and the Princeton Hills HOA prohibit homes from commercial or retail use, so make sure garage sales are not your regular business.
    You are warned not to place advertising signs at the entrances until early on weekend mornings. If signs are placed in the easements along public roads on weekdays, the city workers will remove them. They can be retrieved during business hours M-F at Public Works.
    If you place advertising on a neighbor's property, ask first. In your newspaper ad or social media advertising, ask that cars be parked on just one side of the street. 
    The Princeton Hills HOA advertises and sanctions the Annual Neighborhood Garage Sale on the first Saturday in May.
  • How do I pay my Homeowners' Association dues?
    As of January 2020, the homeowners' association dues are $429 per quarter. Payments can be made by check or automatic withdrawal. Contact the manager to make payment arrangements.
    Tammy Simpkins, Community Association Manager
    Sentry Management, Inc.
    216 Centerview Drive, #205
    Brentwood TN 37027

    615-269-7016 ext 51605
    615-269-8586 (fax)